Manage data over multiple Excel files

Countless hours are lost each day when Excel files are created manually to a large number of people and their input is collected back. xlStudio is a powerful new software that makes this process simple. You can quickly create pre-filled copies from your templates and extract data from multiple Excel files.

Try xlStudio for 14 days by clicking download. If you are happy, you can buy it for just $19.

Generate forms and reports

xlStudio creates copies from your Excel templates and fills them with your data. This way you can easily generate personalized forms and reports for any large number of people.

Just create a list of the new files and specify which cell values you want to change from file to file. xlStudio will take it from there and save you a lot of time.

Collect data from excel files

xlStudio extracts cell values from multiple workbooks into a single table. This way you can quickly gather data provided to you by a large number of people or otherwise spread over many files.

Just open one of your files and select which cell values you want to collect. xlStudio will apply the references to all files and automatically organize a data table for you.
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